Chinese medicine is not based on dissection and isolated chemicals. Chinese medicine, when practiced conscientiously, nurtures the genuine vitality of the whole person.

The systems of Chinese medicine were developed over 5,000 years ago. They were not tested on helpless little mice and bunnies, or on a few recent victims of pharmaceutical-industry gambles. Instead, they were tested on millions of human beings, throughout history. At the end of this process, happily, are you and I.

Free from insidious side-effects, we can enjoy increasing general health as well as relief from many symptoms..... including some symptoms that conventional American medicine can't cure. One reason Chinese medicine is so effective is the culture in which it developed. The Asian relationship to the human body differs from our disrespectful modern Western attitude of “Just DO It.” There is a reverence for longevity. Combining traditional Chinese herbs with acupuncture, other bodywork, special exercises, herbs, nutrition and relaxation can be as good as quaffing the... fountain of youth!

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