Herbs may make it possible to reduce dosage of Western medicines, treat their unpleasant side-effects, and ensure a positive outcome.

Although sometimes used singly, herbs in the Chinese tradition are usually in complex formulas. “Angel Hands” can offer a customized formula that's best for YOU.

Has the FDA pulled your drug off the market? Herbal supplements are subject to modern GMP quality control. Tried-and-true, Chinese herbs have been tested for thousands of years.

The effects of herbs are sometimes not seen immediately. But after several days of regular use, dramatic changes can occur. Free from insidious side-effects, you can enjoy increasing health as well as relief from symptoms.

Nutritional recommendations can enhance or replace herbal treatment. Possibly you can make your next dinner be an “herbal supplement!”

Traditional Chinese herbal formulas are very affordable, usually just $6 to $10 per week's supply. They may be in pill form, or Veronica can customize a tea that you steep, simmer, or add to soup.