Licensed Acupuncturist, Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

(L. Ac., M. Ac. O. M., and possibly some other letters besides, but no longer Dipl. Ac. or L.M.T. because Who Wants to Just Keep Paying Fees [W.W.J.K.P.F.]?)

Veronica Photo

Veronica Christie has been a holistic health practitioner specializing in Chinese traditions since 1987 (the year the prestigious medical journal The Lancet called acupuncture “Quackupuncture”).

Besides traditional acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, herbs, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, and tui na, Veronica incorporates “alternative” healing modalities such as visualization, Western bodywork techniques, warm herbal oil, aromatherapy, infra-red light, and hot packs.

Veronica was first immersed in Chinese culture at Pomona College in 1978. She went on to learn Mandarin Chinese at Monterey Institute of International Studies. She graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, where she got into trouble for writing funny things that only Chinese people could read. She still practices Chinese calligraphy for fun.

With a background in international studies, she also enjoys speaking French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish (sometimes, unintentionally, all of them mixed up together). She can gesticulate in Italian, dance in African, and say “I love you” in Russian, Hebrew and Arabic.

Veronica was a professional clown for many years in Portland with “BJ & Scampy’s Merrily Magical Mischief.” She has written a humorous acupuncture book, Let Me Take a Stab at It, and is looking for a publisher. (Know anyone who can pull some strings?) Veronica is also the novelist and screenwriter for Pax of Wildly Women, a comedy about microfinanced women saving the environment.  (It isn't quite a movie yet... Do you have any Hollywood connections?)

A homey, feminine style of medicine is an easy target for scoffers... until you see how many patients arrive at Angel Hands Sanctuary feeling depressed... and leave smiling, laughing, and eager to send their whole family!